Assets Folder

Design Asset Management means having a centralized platform to store, manage, and obtain design assets in the cloud for convenient and organized access. Assets of any type can be uploaded to Modelo, stored in project-specific folders, and attached to any particular points on your design for enhanced clarity and understanding.
Manage Design Assets in the Cloud
Store all design assets in one place including renderings, markups, PDF files, images, floor plans and more. With the assets folder, it's extremely easy to create redlines and keep the team connected on the latest version of the document.
Maintain an Up-to-Date Library
Attract more website visitors and efficiently illustrate projects with improved context by embedding panorama images on your website or portfolio. Simply drop the auto-generated embed code onto your website and begin showcasing your designs.
Increase Productivity
By storing design assets in the cloud with Modelo, you replace the need for FTP, DropBox or WeTransfer. Easily maintain an up-to-date library with organized folders. Plus, effortlessly markup PDF files, jpg files or other design assets in the cloud. Teams can collaborate on these files together and eliminate costly rework down the road.