PDF Markup

Marking up PDF files in the cloud not only saves you valuable time, but it allows your team members to stay connected and manage design assets confidently. Markup PDFs and any other files in Modelo, then share them with your team or attach them to your 3D design to call on during your presentation.
Make Redlines on PDF Files in the Cloud
Deliver and track feedback directly on digital files with Modelo's PDF Markup tool. View and markup important PDF files in one place. Plus, deliver tailored feedback to team members including redlines, textboxes, shapes and highlighting.
Keep the Team Connected
Now team members can confidently work on the latest version of the PDF, preventing costly rework down the road. Plus, once you've made the necessary redlines, easily download the file and share with your team.
Store All Project Data Together
Your edited 2D and 3D assets, like models, renderings and PDFs, can now live together in one place. All project communication is accessible in Modelo's web app, or easily shareable with a unique URL.