Creating 3D animated walkthroughs only using a network connection with Modelo is a progressive way to tour 3D models in real-time. Save countless hours of time on each project by creating 3D animated walkthroughs in the browser with Modelo.
Make Design Decisions Quicker
It's easier to illustrate design intent by presenting 3D animation walkthroughs to stakeholders before the design is built. Architects are able to make informed design decisions quicker by deeply exploring the design early on and preventing costly changes down the road.
Bring Designs to Life Before Construction
Animated walkthroughs are extremely user-friendly and engaging. They offer a different perspective with an authentic mini-movie that involves clients from the get-go. What's more, 3D animation walkthroughs immerse stakeholders in the design before it's built to create a realistic representation.
Share Walkthroughs Simply
Not only does creating walkthroughs in Modelo save you countless hours of design time, but it also makes it easier to share them with stakeholders. Simply generate a unique URL right from within Modelo, or embed walkthroughs on your company website for an immersive and informative experience.