We are at the age of data. Understanding data is the core for making business decisions in almost any industry. When it comes to the real estate and construction industry, data becomes more complex and data analysis becomes more difficult because there are 2D, 3D, and 4D data happening at different dimensions. At each dimension we use a variety of softwares to visualize the data but there is no application that can collectively display data across these dimensions for a comprehensive understanding.

At Modelo we are announcing a major integration with Tableau, the leader in 2D data visualization in multiple industries. Modelo’s Tableau Extension is a ground-breaking tool that connects 3D BIM data to 2D infographics, we enable data flow from 3D modeling software to one of the most advanced data visualization tool.

This is unlocking a new realm of opportunities on understanding data as it applies to the physical environment. This new feature connects data from construction, operations, tenant portal, leasing, security, and finance departments. It is a BIM integrated, data oriented and AI empowered building brain.



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