Archelectic: exposing the experimental and computational side of design, through visually stunning projects. 

Architecture design inspiration can come from anywhere and, here at Modelo, we want to make the 3D design process fun. What better way to do that than by being an outlet where architects and 3D designers can share their latest projects?

With Archelectic, we’re exploring a diverse range of styles as well as the inspirations, tools, material choices and overall processes that make these projects possible. Our goal is to uncover unique, progressive and visually captivating new works from both up-and-coming designers as well as creative veterans.

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Interview goals: uncovering the details and decisions behind the designs, while discovering a broad and diverse range of sources.

  • Include a short summary of your work, what it is, and what sets it apart. (minimum 300 words)
  • If contacted, be ready to upload your 3D files to the Modelo platform so that we can render them directly in the blog post
  • Your models remain your property and all model designs are attributed to the creator
  • When it comes to models- the more the merrier – minimum of 1 but we recommend including 3
  • 5-7 images or videos, since posts will be highly visual
  • Images, videos and models must be royalty-free or have the express permission for inclusion in press materials
  • Images and videos must be attributed to the photographer/videographer

How it works:

  • If your 3D designs aren’t already on the Modelo platform, we’ll kindly ask you to upload them! (don’t worry, they still belong entirely to you!)
  • Once the files are ready to present online in 3D, we’ll draft a written summary of the project with the information available.
  • Before publishing, we’ll give you about 7 days to review or make minor edits to the article.
  • Once you’ve approved it, we’ll share it on the Archelectic blog and on our Medium account.
  • We also share all posts social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest and would encourage you to do the same!
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