Collaborate on 3D Files in the Cloud

Many architecture and design firms today rely on an outdated process of email exchanges, phone call explanations, print-outs, manual markups, screenshots, PDFs, email, and physical models to collaborate on 3D files. This communication comes from various platforms between all participants in a project including the internal design teams, clients, engineers, general contractors, and essentially all stakeholders.

By not consolidating communication into one single web-based platform, time spent collaborating on 3D files becomes longer, more drawn out, less organized, and overall more difficult with an increased margin of error. This leads to a noteworthy amount of time being dedicated to reworking during a given project’s design phases in part because of collaboration inefficiency which increases project costs and minimizes net profit margin of a project. Modelo creates a solution to this problem and opens the door to new possibilities for industry professionals by offering a new and intuitive way to collaborate on 3D files in the cloud.

With Modelo, users are able to effortlessly collaborate on 3D files all from one single cloud-based platform in real-time, streamlining the entire design process and making it easier for design teams to collaborate in 3D. All of the files are uploaded, consolidated, and placed in one central location with designs, 3D models and assets viewable in a very clear and organized way.

Communication history between project teams is made viewable and all project collaborators have instant and direct access to the project, whether it be from a computer, tablet, iPhone or Android device using the Modelo application. Whether you are busy on the road, in your car, at the airport, or even in another country you can view a project’s 3D model, the collaboration comments, and important project notes. Then at the same time you have the unique ability to take the 3D model and view all parts of it, reply to comments, mark up the 3D design, and send your feedback to the team in real-time. Communicating and collaborating on 3D files is made simple and easy.

With Modelo, design and architecture firms immediately advance their entire design review process as the ability to communicate and collaborate on 3D files is dramatically improved. Modelo instantly places design teams on the cutting edge in the way software is used in the industry for collaborating on 3D files. Learn more about how to share architectural designs with clients and watch the video below for a brief overview.