What is Modelo? What is Modelo For?

With the user in mind, Modelo was created to simplify and facilitate the collaboration process and presentation capabilities of 3D CAD designs. Modelo has an organized and simple layout, while also having a smoother and faster interface than most CAD platforms. Additionally, Modelo is compatible with most 3D CAD software, including Rhino, SketchUp, Vectorworks, Revit and 3ds Max. The result is a platform that saves designers time and energy in the creation process, and helps designers close deals and impress clients in presentations of their designs.

When using the Modelo platform, getting group input and sharing designs has never been easier. By either adding contributors to or sharing a project with Modelo, CAD projects are no longer isolated to just the singular creator or computer. Modelo’s online collaboration capabilities breaks through traditional limitations and provides a platform to easily and efficiently communicate with others directly on the designs. Features such as our markup feature and screen capture are simple to implement and were designed to provide straightforward communication between contributors. The Modelo platform as a result not only saves designers time, but also allows for input from more people to ensure a better final product in less time.

Whether it is by embedding a design on a website or in a sales pitch, Modelo’s platform was fashioned to present any design that is simple yet impressive. We designed the Modelo platform with features geared towards impressing your client, such as the client-ready view that enables you to present your design in a clean and professional manner. Other features such as walkthrough, VR compatibility, and embedding capabilities in Modelo give the designer the control to portray their designs in unique ways. All of these capabilities make Modelo the perfect complementary tool for any architectural designer looking to better control the voice of their work with ease.

Modelo’s collaboration and presentation features make it an essential platform for any 3D designer using a CAD software. Traditional presentation and collaboration methods are clunky and inefficient. With Modelo your designs will surely impress others, as you have greater control of your creative vision with the help of Modelo. Modelo is not only intuitive, but it is also easy to navigate as it was built to be a simple and organized interface.

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