The 5 Best Examples of Wellness Architecture

The wellness trend is very much alive right now, from kale smoothies to coffee served out of empty avocado halves (yes, that’s a thing). But what about wellness trends in architecture? Let’s be clear, wellness in architecture does not necessarily mean being LEED certified or having solar panels. Rather it could be the intuitive design of your neighborhood yoga studio or an inviting green space in a crowded city. Needless to say, architecture that connects with nature and seamlessly fits into the environment results in a truly sustainable future. Below are five examples of projects that demonstrate wellness architecture.

The Spheres building by NBBJ for Modelo Design Manifesto demonstrates wellness architecture with its botanical garden inside
The Spheres (Rendering courtesy of NBBJ)
  1. NBBJ’s Amazon Headquarters
    NBBJ’s Amazon Headquarters in Seattle, WA is a perfect balance between nature, its surrounding environment and contemporary design. The sphere building in particular is your average office building by day, but at night transforms into a humid, hot space that allows the plants inside to thrive. It’s functional yet beautiful and the ultimate demonstration of wellness architecture. The sphere is a good example of the power of 3D visualization and design processes. It was built in CAD software and transferred to physical steel pieces directly from the model. Plus, it’s the first building of its kind. Check out Modelo’s Design Manifesto with Dale Alberda, Principal at NBBJ and Design Leader of the Amazon Headquarters project.
Alai Development by Zaha Hadid Architects demonstrates wellness architecture by adapting to its natural surroundings
Alai Development (Image © MIR)

2. Alai Development in Mexico by Zaha Hadid Architects
The Alai residential community is compatible with nature and also seeks to minimize the effects on local ecosystems. This project also pays some homage to the Mayan culture, which can be seen in the design.

Inscape by Archi-Tectonics demonstrates wellness architecture with meditation spaces
Inscape (Photograph by Frederick Charles)

3. Inscape by Archi-Tectonics
Inscape is a meditation studio in Manhattan, New York. Although the practice of meditation has been around for centuries, it along with yoga has been getting the spotlight in the wellness industry. Therefore, a studio inspired by zen, intuition and focus undoubtedly deserves a spot on the list of 5 best examples of wellness architecture. Set in the middle of an urban area, Inscape is a transition into balance, healthy living and quietness that allows building users to truly enter a state of calmness. Read Winka Dubbeldam’s Design Manifesto here.

The Supertrees demonstrate wellness architecture in Singapore
Supertrees (Photograph courtesy of Grant Associates)

4. Supertrees in Singapore by Grant Associates
These Supertrees are not only solar-powered, but these 18 trees provide homes for over 200 species, 162,900 plants and cleaner air for the local area. It provides a green oasis in the middle of urban Singapore, balancing both the built environment and the natural environment. 

North Bay by PBW Architects demonstrates wellness architecture with a green roof full of plants
North Bay (Image courtesy of PBW Architects)

5. North Bay by PBW Architects
The fifth example of wellness architecture is this modern green home which was built on San Paulo Island in Washington State. The house was purposefully built within the trees to stay connected to nature, while preserving the clients’ privacy. In addition to natural surroundings, the house has an extremely green roof, giving life to plants and lots of color.