3D Collaboration in the Cloud

3D collaboration in the cloud means communicating effortlessly internally and externally with clients, colleagues, and consultants alike directly in your projects. Unleash the true power of Modelo and discuss ideas, markup designs and give feedback all in one location.
Design Feedback
Using a structured project-folder structure, Modelo makes it easy to invite team members, collaborators, and clients to any project. From there, depending on the permissions assigned to them, they can comment, markup, and contribute meaningful, pinpoint feedback directly on the design. Files, including 360 panorama images, can be attached to any comment and team members can be notified and assigned tasks. Replies to any comments are kept together with the original comment.
Markups made easy
Whether you are in the office or on the road, connected to the internet or not, Modelo makes it simple to markup3D CAD designs and PDFs. Make meaningful, hand-drawn markups and redlines on specific parts of your model or PDF file and share this feedback with team members immediately for clear and concise design feedback.
Keep all design assets together
As a Design Asset Management (DAM) tool, Modelo makes it easy to keep all of your client notes, panorama images, initial sketches, and any other file together with your design. Any file format can be uploaded to your project and then attached to a comment and accessed directly from your design.
Modelo's Design Asset Management solution
Want to collaborate with colleagues in Modelo? Take a peek at Modelo's Design Asset Management solution.
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