• Virtual Reality Requirements for Modelo

    Virtual reality in the building industry is helping to shape the future of design. Project stakeholders are instantly immersed in a realistic representation of your design so you can communicate your vision clearly. And ultimately, design decisions involving different disciplines can be made quicker with VR. Modelo fully supports mobile VR and we’ve outlined the […]

    Daniel Sims One response July 10, 2017
  • Sketchup in VR, Rhino in VR, & Revit in VR

    See Sketchup in VR, Rhino in VR, & Revit in VR Using Modelo We’re excited to announce that Modelo now supports VR! Using just your mobile device and the very affordable Google Cardboard (or a similar handset-based headset) you can jump directly into a VR experience of your 3D models uploaded to Modelo. We think you’re going […]

    Daniel Sims No responses January 23, 2017