• How does Modelo redefine the standard of Project Delivery

    This months marks the two year anniversary of Modelo’s first product Modelo DAM (Digital Asset Management), which was launched out of beta at the AIA convention in April 2017. In just two years DAM has achieved record-high usage, as of this month, we have: Thanks to our strategic partners, our users and our community members, […]

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  • View Revit Files Online

      How do you view a Revit file if you don’t have Revit installed on your computer? Or when you don’t have the correct version of Revit installed. Look no further, Modelo’s new support for Revit will save you thousands of dollars every year on maintaining Revit licenses. Simply drag and drop your Revit files […]

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  • Building Data Visualization

    We are at the age of data. Understanding data is the core for making business decisions in almost any industry. When it comes to the real estate and construction industry, data becomes more complex and data analysis becomes more difficult because there are 2D, 3D, and 4D data happening at different dimensions. At each dimension […]

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  • Revit BIM data to Excel

    There are many ways to download Revit schedules to excel but do you know the element properties can also be downloaded as an excel document? Having these properties downloaded into excel you can quickly make quantitative analysis that helps you make the right business decisions. And the best part of this is – You don’t […]

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  • View, Collaborate, and Markup 3D BIM Properties & Elements from Revit

    Modelo supports your complete design-build-manage process by with a robust, collaborative online BIM tool. Modelo automatically imports BIM properties and elements from compatible Revit files. By predictably, productively and profitably connecting workflows, utilizing BIM in Modelo permits team members to more completely navigate models, conduct lightning fast 3D quantity takeoff calculations and analyze sectional material volumes, mark-up the […]

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  • Using Layers in Modelo to Prepare Alternate Design Options

    Every design project begins with the foundation of an idea, and slowly builds up to a final product. That build up process requires the creativity, dedication, and unique skill set of each design member. At Modelo, we dedicate our time to perfecting our backend technology, so that you get to enjoy the beautiful and intuitive […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide for Creating Interactive 360º Tours

    360º tours are the most immersive way to present your unbuilt designs in the correct context. By involving clients, contractors, or other stakeholders in the design review process earlier, all parties can be more involved, making it easier for you as a refined designer to make tweaks sooner rather than later. We’ve outlined the ultimate […]

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  • Virtually Explore the Farms of the Future in Boston

    Cities are constantly bustling with visitors, residents, cars, trains and movement. Cities never sleep, but they do breathe. And cities crave green spaces to provide an oasis for healthy, urban living. Companies around the world have started implementing urban farming initiatives in densely populated areas and even on top of buildings to provide just that. […]

    Daniel Sims One response November 9, 2017
  • New Features from Modelo: October

    New Modelo Features to Improve Your Workflow Modelo’s latest release empowers your design workflow with improvements that save you time and create efficiencies for you and your clients. These intuitive improvements include easy model re-uploading, PDF present mode, embeddable panorama images, and a metric-focused project overview page. As a reminder, these updates will be deployed […]

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  • 11 Ways to Be More Productive with Modelo

    At times, the sheer number of software applications promising improved productivity can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, you may feel as though you spend more time evaluating software applications to improve productivity, rather than actually using them to be more productive. To avoid Modelo from falling into that trap, the team behind Modelo reached out to hundreds […]

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