Modelo – The fastest and easiest way to deliver your model to the client without your creation being stolen

During architectural design, how to best showcase their work to clients has always been a tough issue for architects. Traditional 2D drawings and renderings can no longer meet the clients’ needs. That gives rise to the need for architects to display 3D models at the early stage of design so that the clients can better follow up and control the overall project. And for those clients who have backgrounds in the architectural industry, they would naturally put forward more requirements, even ask to have the BIM models. But now Modelo can help you solve this issue. This article will discuss the designers’ frustrations when asked to deliver a model and explain why Modelo is the fastest and easiest way to deliver your model.

Frustrations when asked to deliver a model

  • Information security: At present, most architects use Revit, Sketchup, and other modeling software to make models. In the process of the model, file delivery, information security becomes a crucial issue. Architects often encounter information leakage problems. What’s more, some unethical clients will take the model files as their own after obtaining them, or in other words, stole the work, which every architect hates.
  • Model completion issue: When referring to seeing a model, clients may usually expect the complete building model. But considering the competitive pressure and time cost of the architectural industry, it is almost impossible for architects to show the model to clients only after the model is fully completed. Therefore, architects urgently need a way to show the best side of a model to clients and hide other parts that can be improved in the future.
  • Platform compatibility problem: With the refinement of the architectural model and the continuous update of the modeling software, a complete architectural model can easily be hundreds of MB or even a few GB. Such a model also requires the architect and clients’ computers to have above-average hardware to process. Many architects often meet the dilemma that their models cannot be opened on clients’ computers.
  • Operational issues: Although clients would like to watch models, most of them may have no experience in operating professional model software. Therefore, even if clients get a complete building model, the high learning cost will cause them to fail to fully understand the models’ value and architects’ work.

Modelo is here to help you deliver

Modelo was founded to help professionals who work with CAD software, including Revit, Rhino, and SketchUp, more intuitively collaborate with team members to perfect their designs and interactively present them. The powerful display function of Modelo solves the pain points of the above-mentioned architects one by one. Show the architect’s model to clients in the fastest and safest way. Here is what Modelo could help you.

  • Modelo supports all the mainstream model formats in the ACE industry, such as rvt, skp, 3dm, etc., and converts the model to a proprietary format. Clients can only view the models but cannot download them, which guarantees the model information security. You can even use the Auto 360 function to render the model into a 360 panorama tour, which not only guarantees information security but also gives clients a stronger sense of immersion when watching the model.
  • Aiming at the problem of model completion, Modelo creatively invented the “Client Ready” function. It can be set to show only part of the model to clients and hide the unfinished parts. You can also render a 360 panorama at a fixed angle of the model and share it with clients in one click.
  • Modelo is a browser-based model platform. Clients can view the model without installing any software. In addition, Modelo is currently the fastest 3D model conversion and rendering engine on the market and can increase the clarity of the model when needed. It has been tested that the loading and rendering speed of Revit models on Modelo is 10 times faster than BIM360. The Modelo rendering frame is 56-60FPS, while the BIM360 only has 4-28FPS.
  • The Modelo operation is extremely simple, which the model can be operated by simply dragging the mouse. Architects can also use Modelo to make multimedia PowerPoint and attach audio, video, picture and other files. Through the sharing function, Modelo reduces the clients’ learning cost to see the model significantly.

Case study: world-renowned architecture firms are really using Modelo

Woods Bagot is an internationally renowned architectural firm that originated with a history of 138 years in Australia, and its design works have spread all over the world. According to the 2017 ranking of the top 100 construction companies in the world given by the architectural design magazine “Building Design”, Woods Bagot ranked seventh in the world. Not only that, Woods Bagot has been ranked among the world’s top 10 companies for three consecutive years and firmly holds the position of Australia’s largest architectural design company.

As an architectural firm with extensive project experience, Woods Bagot has also experienced the many pain points of showing the model to clients. For example, in the Angel Hospital project, Woods Bagot encountered almost all the above-mentioned pain points: due to the project model is too large and the model is too duplicated, it is difficult for clients to open the model through professional software in their computers. Even after a successful opening, it is difficult to understand the value of the model in a short time because the client does not have the model operation skills. In addition, Woods Bagot, as an internationally renowned architectural firm, has high requirements for project information security. Therefore, Woods Bagot urgently needs an innovative model display software that can solve all pain points. After comparing and screening nearly a thousand software on the market, Modelo was recognized by Woods Bagot for its stable, outstanding, and innovative characteristics and became its main model display tool in the future. In addition, Woods Bagot is very keen to use the Modelo Auto 360 feature, and praised it as “an impressive creative invention in the field of model display.” Woods Bagot used Modelo to perfectly realize the fastest and safest way to show the model to Clients.

In the project display phase, Woods Bagot often uses the Modelo “Client Ready” feature to show the finished parts of the model to clients. This not only ensures the security of model information but also meets the client’s needs for viewing the models. In addition, the lightweight feature of Modelo allows the clients to easily open the model shared by Woods Bagot. Modelo’s simple operation method also greatly reduces the learning cost for the client. Woods Bagot also often renders the finished part of the model into a 360 panorama at a specific angle and then shares the panorama to others, which further reduces the difficulty for the client to view the model.

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