New Features For You In June.

In this release we’ve added in new interface enhancements suggested by our Development Partners and early adopters. These new enhancements provide finer control over models in the 3D viewer and enable filtering and reorganizing of comment cards. We’ve also added in some new markup capabilities and a few other efficiency improvements.

The Big One

Reorganizing Comment Cards This has been a highly sought after feature for some time now. If you’re a regular user of Modelo for presentation purposes, you already know how helpful this functionality is going to be for your workflow. If you’re new to the platform, this is an important addition to making the presentation creation process much easier. 

As several of our power users have indicated, presentations aren’t just magically perfect the first time you create them. You need to create a version. Get feedback. Iterate. This is similar to the way you design your actual 3D models themselves. With no ability to reorganize comment cards, users had to delete and recreate cards if they wanted to edit the order or flow of their presentation. Now you can create cards and reorder them as you see fit to create the perfect presentation. 

Have feedback on the reorganization functionality? Let us know what you think. 

Other Product Improvements

Customize Zoom and Pan Speeds When you’re dealing with a really large model, moving around with zoom and pan can take a really long time. Conversely, when you’re in tight quarters within an interior space, sometimes the slightest flick of the scroll wheel sends you flying through walls. The ability to control your zoom and pan speeds allows you to set the speed appropriate for the situation.

Comment Card Filtering Comment cards can really add up. With imported views, internal feedback and discussion from a variety of team members, and specific views set as ready for client viewing, some of our users have ended up with nearly 200 comment cards for a model. Filtering makes it easy to drill down to the specific comments you want to review. You can now filter by: comment creator, date range, type (3D comment marker dot or the clean presentation view), and by whether the card is client ready or not. Any other filtering options you’d like to see added?

Vector-based Shapes As useful as 3D comments can be, we also know that many times you just want to sketch or mark up a flat screenshot of a view. We’ve added a variety of basic shapes: rectangles, ovals, arrows, clouds and lines to the sketching feature to make marking up your saved screenshots more efficient.

Background Image Library 7 high resolution background photographs to add optional context to your models. Do you have any hi-res imagery that might be good for backgrounds that you’d like to share royalty free with Modelo users? Send us a message! 

Other Efficiency Boosters and UI Improvements

  • Easy Batch Invite to Company Now copy paste the emails of your colleagues separated by semicolon into the invitation field and batch invite entire groups of people to join your company account at one time. 
  • Easy Auto-Fill invite to project Want to invite a colleague to a project that’s already part of your company? type the first few letters of their email and Modelo will fill in the rest.
  • Minimize Comment Cards The comment cards take up a lot of space on the right side of your screen. When you’re in present mode, you can now minimize the comment cards and use your keyboard to cycle through each card: UP/DOWN to move forward/back between cards. LEFT/RIGHT to access and view attachments in light box mode
  • Revit Plugin UI Update Minor improvements to UI in uploader
  • Bugs Polysurface texture support fix, Revit Exporter Plugin UI fix, Section Box issue with hiding when in present mode fix

As always, we welcome your feedback on the product and what features you would like to see in the future. Have ideas or questions? Running into issues? Send us a message at – we’re happy to help!

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