Modelo – Free Online 3D Model Browser Viewer

From reviewing to editing, projects with 3D models require a lot of collaboration. Whether you’re dealing with engineering layout, architectural designs, or manufacturing plans, you’ll need professional CAD applications, like Revit, Sketchup, Rhino, and so on, to generate and fully interact with 3D contents.

Moreover, like PDF documents, files with advanced 3D contents need special viewers. However, most CAD applications offer built-in viewers directly within their software. So what if you or your clients don’t have immediate access to the necessary software? What if your customers cannot view your model due to high operating costs?

This is why Modelo exists. Modelo allows you to view and share 3D files without the original design software, making a bit of the CAD process easily accessible from anywhere and to anyone with an Internet connection and a browser.

Modelo is a website for publishing, sharing, and discovering 3D and VR content. There are a lot of handy features that come with this tool. Modelo allows you to easily display 3D models on the web and view them on any browser, mobile, desktop, or tablet. You can upload an unlimited number of models from your software or your browser and embed them directly on Facebook, blogs, forums, or any other site.

Compared to other online 3D model viewers, Modelo has the following outstanding advantages:

  1. A 3D viewer with Zero Learning Cost

    Forget about exporting a 3D model file, sending it through email and making a guess if your clients have the right software, successfully open the model file and get your message. With Modelo, all this could be done with one-click on a link.

    Modelo is a web-based 3D design asset management platform that helps architects using SketchUp, 3DMax, Revit, Rhino, MicroStation etc. to upload their model, share a link and view on any device. Now every CAD user can drag and drop their 3D files into the browser and get a link for their model. Modelo supports nearly all kinds of mainstream 3D file formats, including skp, rvt, 3dm, stl, ifc, and so on. All the files are stored in their own designated folders, so there is no need to use another online cloud storage or file transfer service, like Dropbox or Wetransfer. Files that are hundreds of megabytes big can be dramatically compressed, so the download and rendering speeds get much faster. At the same time, Modelo separates the original model file from the visualization file, so there is no need to worry about your files getting stolen by sending them to visualize.
  2. Connecting Dots: with Colleagues, Engineers and Clients

    Modelo is a powerful asset management platform that allows project members to work in a unified workspace. Project owner is empowered to monitor, manage and control the overall designing process. Make sure your team have access to the right model, and your clients get the right information!

  3. Access your model on any device

    Where you want to view your model is never a problem for Modelo, as no software are required to install: no compatible issues. With one-click sharing function, you can get a unique web address of your design with one click, and have the link send easily to anyone you want to share (panorama view or offline model link are also available). The link is fully functional on computers, tablets or mobile phones. With Modelo, we’ve added another dimension to the web browser where people can browse a 3D model directly on a company’s website or a designer’s portfolio site.

  4. Make your presentation alive

    Designers can simply pre-save camera angles of their design, attach images and videos to each angle with Modelo. By just pressing the left-right arrow, it will navigate through the 3D space. Designers can also control what they want the others to see and how they want them to see it. Also with these pre-saves, project members now can mark up on design updates anytime and turn it into a specific task for a designated person. Any comments about design or manufacturing can be made at the place where they are meant to be – in 3D.

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