Craft Rhino Architectural Diagrams in Minutes with Modelo

Architectural diagrams help to clarify a building, relationships between elements of a building, or a process connected to a building. Architects do this with visual symbols which can be considered all at once, unlike language which must be processed in a linear fashion. The problem is that it takes lots of time to produce a simple architectural diagram in Rhino. However, the Modelo new Make Diagram function helps you craft Rhino architectural diagrams in minutes. Let’s see how we achieve that.

The first thing you need to do is upload your Rhino Models to Modelo. Modelo is an online 3D model platform. You only need to drag to upload your Rhino files to Modelo and it will finish uploading quickly.

You can find the Modelo’s Make Diagrams function in the tool. There are three select modes: by the element, material, and layer.

You could tint volume with reference colors to show the different properties of the architecture. In this model, we use blue and pink to show the trend of architecture and related buildings around the site.

After finishing the selection and coloration, don’t forget to screenshot and capture the diagram. It only takes you 3 minutes to create a simple architectural diagram.

If you want to select multiple parts of the model, press CTRL and select them at the same time. Then you can tint or stroke them all together with one click.

Isn’t that easy? Come to Modelo and create your architectural diagrams now.

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