Make Design Decisions Faster by Using VR

Virtual reality visualizations allow AEC professionals to make informed design decisions on complex 3D designs quicker, allowing you and your firm to close more deals.

When you create VR tours of your 3D models, you essentially bring your design to life. No longer are you staring at a 2D drawing or even a 3D model on a computer screen. But you and your client are virtually walking through the front door, deciding which new kitchen counters to install, examining the specs of the bathroom, and truly immersing yourself in a realistic representation of the brand new charming house your client has dreamt of all her life. Plus, add a 360ยบ image as the background of your 3D model and surround the house with the mountain flowers of Aspen, Colorado to give the full effect. After all, seeing is believing.

It’s not a mystery that designs go through many phases, and with those phases come lots of decisions. VR allows you and your client to come to design decisions quicker and it prevents misunderstandings or costly rework down the road. By using VR as a collaboration tool throughout the design review process, everyone can be on the same page, looking at the same model in VR. Modelo encourages thoughtful and beautiful design, but above all we encourage collaborative design.

When firms use Modelo’s VR tool, they upgrade their design capabilities and decision making to the next level. Learn how Modelo works perfectly with Google Cardboard, a less expensive but equally effective VR headset that’s easy to set-up. Further, pairing Modelo + Google Cardboard is especially easy for clients to use because there are no downloads required and it’s extremely intuitive for non-designers. When clients are immersed in the project along the way, they are more involved in the decision making, meaning that it’s easier to come to necessary conclusions. A client-centered approach means closing more deals and making your organization more money.

Use Modelo to view complex 3D designs in VR.

Besides client communication, VR is especially beneficial for internal collaboration. VR helps architects and designers understand their own designs better, thus allowing them to make design decisions quicker, be more productive and win more deals.

View complex 3D designs and make informed design decisions easier by using VR and Modelo throughout the design process. Sign up today for a free forever account.