When it comes to communicating the vision of a design with clients and curbing the time spent reworking models, VR can be a powerful tool if used effectively. The effectiveness of VR is often related to the type of VR experience created for the client.  

A VR experience that provides a first person perspective from a single viewpoint is a good way to bring a client into a scene and allow them to get the feel for a particular space. This is particularly useful when creating a VR experience on the fly or when the viewpoint is centered in a 360 degree panorama image. (learn how to view 360 degree Panoramas in Modelo).

Creating more of a VR walkthrough experience is an immersive way for clients to visualize and understand the true scale of a design. However, giving a client free reign to walk through a design can be counterproductive since that type of free movement can be distracting and ultimately take focus away from the objectives of a presentation.

Modelo gives users the ability to create scripted VR tours of 3D designs, allowing clients to be fully immersed in the space while maintaining the vision of the design team. This is done using our Comment Card feature to create 3D views within a model. The 3D views can be created easily from anywhere in the model and with different rendering effects to create the ideal experience.

When the model is shared with clients and viewed in VR on a mobile device, the 3D views are cycled through sequentially using the interactive clicker on Google Cardboard. At each 3D viewpoint, clients will be able to explore the space by moving their head and looking around the model. With these abilities, as Modelo users, design teams are able to create and share comprehensive VR tours of their models in minutes. Try out Modelo VR today and sign up for a free account!


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