Since 2012 when the iPhone came out with their panorama feature, the Internet has been full of panorama images. Panorama images have enabled the casual photographer to capture a greater view in their images and create a better atmosphere and context for the image. Panorama images provide the viewer with a perspective that is more distinct than a normal photo image. It is a view that encompasses more of the actual view that one is capturing and stands out whether it be on a website, on social media or in a presentation.

Integrate 360 panorama images into your interactive 3D presentation with Modelo

Panorama images also can be created to provide a 360 experience. A 360 image is one that is a panorama of all 360 degrees, including the view of above and below. These images have been very helpful for architectural designers and those selling an experience. They also create an atmosphere that virtually places the viewer in the image. With panoramas and 360 images you can create a better user experience simply by inserting one of these images into a presentation or onto your website.

In Modelo’s lastest update, we have added panorama compatibility in our commenting and presentation capabilities. You can now add panorama images to comments to improve the viewing experience of your design by providing the viewer with a different perspective of your vision. Check out this article to see how easy it is to integrate a panorama image into your next Modelo design, with this blog written by our CEO, Qi Su. Not only are panoramas impressive but they are effective in improving the communication of your vision!

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