In part one of “what does collaboration in the cloud mean,” we discussed how to review BIM files collaboratively. In part two, we’ll dive into how to keep all of your design review feedback organized by utilizing comment cards and even assigning tasks to colleagues in real-time.

Design review feedback is one of the most valuable pieces of a project’s direction and goals. Getting clear design review feedback is good, but being able to then store all of that design review feedback in one organized location is even better. Introducing Modelo’s comment cards.

With 3D comment cards, users are able to comment on any area of their 3D model (once uploaded to Modelo), and then add their feedback directly on the comment card. What’s more, project collaborators can then @mention each other in real-time to make sure their message is being delivered to the correct person.

No longer will feedback be a drawn out, confusing process, but rather a straightforward and positive experience with Modelo. Project collaborators can even take screenshots and create sketches to then save and share with other stakeholders to ensure the correct message is being passed along to the appropriate contact.

Make cloud collaboration a priority and effortlessly keep design review feedback organized. Watch more in the video below and impress your colleagues by signing up to Modelo and collaborating on 3D files in-the-cloud today.

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